wooden toy

Our pedagogically valuable toy inspires young and old. It is made from high-quality natural wood , hand-sanded and hand-painted , sustainable , durable and chemical-free .

This wooden toy offers curious children a lot of fun and joy of playing, while fine motor skills are encouraged, hand-eye coordination is trained and concentration and dexterity are trained . Imagination and creativity are stimulated. In addition, it gives children the freedom to create their own stories and worlds.

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Our Quiet Books are lovingly handcrafted from pure cotton and felt. They consist of exciting pages with age-appropriate tasks that invite the children to play, arouse their curiosity and imagination and keep them busy for a long time .

These sensory playbooks are a sensible and calm alternative to everyday media life. These are pedagogically valuable learning tools that are a lot of fun and also promote the children's concentration , fine motor skills , logical thinking and vocabulary expansion .

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