About Us

About Us

Hello and welcome to HappyBusyKids!
Behind this name we stand, Anastasia and Tim, a young family with four kids.

Our youngest son Marc was very restless as a baby and needed almost constant attention. We spent many long nights in a rocking chair to calm him down and started the day correspondingly exhausted. Our older children and we, as a couple, often missed out.

But the worst were the car rides, during which Marc screamed almost non-stop. Looking for a solution, we tried some loud and interactive toys. These employed Marc but only for a short time. Unfortunately, in most cases we only achieved the opposite and ended up with sensory overload.

Finally, we found something that worked - a simple wooden dice with different exciting activities. To our amazement, Marc concentrated on this in the car and remained calm for long periods of time.

We loved it so much that we really wanted to share this experience with the world of exhausted parents and restless children. This is how the idea came about to design toys with a similar basic concept. This has been the start of HappyBusyKids!

Over time we have optimized our product portfolio and now offer a large range of educationally valuable toys for babies, toddlers and primary school children, which support and encourage the child in every development phase. This includes our great motor skills cubes, cool robots, exciting activity books and activity mats made of fabric.

Each new design is tested and approved by our own children before it goes into production and into our shop. In the meantime we have built up a small team consisting of family members and friends who support us in the implementation of our ideas.

All our products are lovingly and carefully made by hand. All materials we use are child friendly.

Our educational toys are great for on the go. On a long car ride, on a flight, in the waiting room at the doctor's or when going to a restaurant, the kids will be busy in the long term. A must-have for every night out and diaper bag!

We are proud that we can not only bring joy to our own children, but can also give you and your families a little fun and relaxation.
Many greetings
Your HappyBusyKids team